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PPI Claim Letter Template

PPI claims is now a huge industry in the UK alone with more and more claims being made every single day it’s no wonder there are hundreds of companies out there offering to make a claim on your behalf to try and win back money that is possibly owed to you on a loan you have taken out previously. There has been a lot of bad press about these companies lately as they do unfortunately charge a pretty high fee for the convenience of you not having to lift a finger in the claim process, which it seems is enough to cause a lot of criticism. In a lot of cases these companies actually provide a very useful service as most of the working public don’t have a lot of time to spend on making a PPI claim themselves.

letter writing skillsIf you feel that using a company to deal with your claim is not for you and that you are trying to make a PPI claim the DIY way then you have come to the right place! Using a PPI claim letter template is key when making your claim as you need to ensure you include all the correct details so that your claim is dealt with appropriately and quickly and that it is clear as to why you are eligible to make a claim and exactly how much you are owed. The key thing to remember is that there is a very specific list of reasons that mean that you could not have made use of the payment protection insurance you sold and therefore it has been mis-sold. In rare cases you may find that you were not even told about PPI and were just charged anyway with no notification of option to cancel, in other cases people have reported they were forced to take out a PPI plan and that there would be no way of taking out a loan or credit card unless they agreed to it. It is now very obvious that the banks were doing us wrong however now is the time to put things right, the banks have set aside several billion pounds purely to cover the thousands of PPI complaints they are receiving every day. The range of products that PPI can be claimed on is really quite large with anything from credit cards to mortgages you could be eligible to claim quite literally thousands of pounds back.

What To Do If Your Complaint Is Rejected?

Fear not! In the unlikely event that your claim is rejected this does not necessarily mean that you can’t still get back the money you could be owed. The financial ombudsman is an independent service and are experts in settling finance complaints between individuals and businesses. By contacting the FO after your claim has been rejected they will assess whether or not you have a valid case and can then step in on your behalf to ensure that the claim is dealt with properly and providing that they deem your complaint to be eligible then you will receive your claim amount in a matter of weeks.

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